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Whether France or Croatia wins the World Cup, the Russian prisoners of conscience are unquestionably our favorite team. With your support, they have the chance to win the championship.

Oyub Titiev, Igor Nagavkin and Andrey Rudomakha - russian human rights activists are sitting in the stands. Select a seat near to them to show your support.

Our supporters have already taken 3969 of the seats.

Igor Nagavkin

I am Igor Nagavkin, human rights defender from Kalach-on-Don in Volgograd region, in southwest Russia. I´m being persecuted in connection with my lawful human rights work.

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Andrey Rudomakha

I am Andrey Rudomakha, an environmental activist and the leader of the inter-regional NGO Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus (EWNC) based in the Krasnodar Region and neighbouring Republic of Adygea in the southwestern part of Russia. I was attacked by three unidentified men wearing hooded tracksuites.

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Oyub Titiev

I am Oyub Titiev, human rights defender and the Head of Memorial’s office in Grozny. On 9 January 2018, I was arbitrarily arrested by the police on false drug possession charge.

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